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BH6: Marielle Angelita De Guzman by C-RIE-ativity BH6: Marielle Angelita De Guzman by C-RIE-ativity
Name: Marielle Angelita C. (Corpus) De Guzman

Nickname: Lita

Age: 20 y/o (Age would vary from pictures & stories)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 97.9 lbs. (underweight)

Birthday: October 16

Course: Theatre Arts

Sexuality: Demisexual/Panromantic

Gender: Cisgender Female

Ethnicity: 75% Filipino/20% Spanish/5% Chinese

Religion: Atheist (Formerly Roman-Catholic)

Friends: Renee Evelyn Ross-Williams (Best Friend), Giulietta Sofia Marmo-Ferro (Best Friend), Arthur Odom IV (Ex-Boyfriend and Close Friend), Wasabi no Ginger (Current Boyfriend and Close Friend), Honey Lemon (Ex-Girlfriend and Close Friend), Tadashi Hamada (Friend), Hiro Hamada (Friend), Fred (Acquaintance), Gogo Tomago (Acquaintance)

If anyone else wants to be added to her friends please just message me. :)

Family: Alexander A. (Acapulco) De Guzman (Father), Maria Clarita C. (Corpus) De Guzman (Mother), Katrina Van Hout (Older Sister) Mirella Van Hout (Sister-in-Law)

Personality: She's someone who would be civil with any new person she meets and until she gets to know them better, she would reserve her judgements for later. She is often seen as a nice, polite girl with breeding. Her kindness to the less fortunate stems more from the need to feel like a good person than to be a good person in general. She puts work above all else and tries to be perfect in all she does, hence making her cringe at the slightest mistake and yet despite her flaws, she cares greatly about the people who cares for her, when she loves, she gives it her all to make her love clear, she's supportive to those whom she has grown close to and though no one notices, she's very open-minded even though many would think that her opinion is the only opinion that would matter to her.

Quirks: She chews her hair when she's nervous or when she's thinking.

Bio: She was born in the the city of New Yorkati (A pitiful attempt of mixing New York and the city of Makati from the Philippines.) to a well-to-do family, the second daughter and youngest child of a businessman and a hotel manager.

She was raised to be a proper daughter to a prestigious couple, just like her elder sister. 

During her younger years, nothing seemed wrong with her, she seemed to be a chipper girl and she never said anything about any problems. Though it was mostly because her parents were often busy and when they had free time, she would always try to behave for them so that they would spend time with her.

Sometimes, the nannies her parents hired would send her out of the room she shared with them whenever she had a nightmare. She never liked the dark as a child and whenever she was sent out, she would be stuck in the dark hallway with the maids' threats of telling her parents that she was a horrible daughter stuck in her head. 

Her older sister always knew everything that happened. Her older sister tried to tell their parents of everything that was happening, but nothing really happened. The two of them would just get scolded for speaking badly of their nannies before being sent back to their rooms to rethink what they just lied about.

As the years passed and when the nannies left, the damage had already been dealt. She had grown deathly afraid of the dark and every moment her words were not heard and she would repeat them again, she would only receive irritated looks from her parents as a response. 

Her life as a grade schooler was well enough, she had friends, granted they were short term friendships, she was liked by some of the teachers and she excelled in English and Makabayan, even if she was horrible in Mathematics and later on, Chemistry. Her parents would even take her to some stage performances as a treat, though she did not know what prompted them to pay much attention to her, she enjoyed the experience and memories. 

And yet, despite having a relatively okay grade school life, she found that it never took away the heavy feeling off her shoulders in regards to her getting ready for school.

Though she found she can hide that feeling quite well behind a polite and nice mask which she found easy to conjure up due to everyone seeming to like that better than a troubled child.

Her problems with herself worsened when her older sister went off to college, leaving her to deal with her life in high school alone. She became even more withdrawn from others, with a negative view of the world and the only reassuring thing she could ever tell herself was how death was going to make it all better. 

In high school, many people had mocked her for varying reasons, among them was her appearance and sight problems. This caused her to gain some issues with herself, however, this soon turned to indifference and she began ignoring whatever insults were thrown her way.

She had first approached her parents and tried to tell them but was dismissed by them, being told that she was merely being paranoid and that she should stop being overdramatic, and so she coped with all her problems alone, hoping that if she pretended that nothing was wrong then maybe all the hurt would go away.

Nothing got better and as a year came and went, that was when the cuts began appearing. She did not want to hurt herself at first, but she wanted to convince herself that she could still feel something. And her best choice was pain, it wasn't much, but it was indeed something. So she took a knife and just put a small cut on her thumb, the cut wasn't too deep or noticeable, but it helped her feel. As time passed, the thing she did not mean to be a habit became a constant need and she would often put small cuts, unnoticeable ones, on her hands or sometimes, her legs. And as always, the only one to find out was her older sister.

Her older sister was once again, her only support. Though the fact alone that her sister had her studies to think of as well as a girlfriend to be with, she tried to reassure her sister that all was well. Her sister did not believe it. Determined to provide a better life for her, her older sister decided to do something she had failed to achieve years ago. 

She talked to their parents who listened willingly.

After the talk, her parents saw what happened to their daughters. Their eldest was estranged, and their youngest was a troubled child. Wanting to do what they can to reconcile with their children, they decided to take counselling together and little by little it got better. But despite all her parents had done, Lita was not able to find it in herself to forgive them for their neglect.

She went off to study in an all arts college that she gained a scholarship to, her course of choice being Theatre Arts. There, she was more alive, she showed prowess in acting and singing, despite the fact that her dancing needed constant work and it was in that course that she met a group of people she later on called her friends.

In that group was Arthur Odom IV, he is an aspiring director who is also quite fond of singing and was often caught in the recording studio of the school making covers of stage musicals with various partners or group mates, then there was Renee Evelyn Ross-Williams, a talented dancer and aspiring choreographer who proves to be talented in singing just as she is in dancing, and finally, there was Giulietta Sofia Marmo-Ferro, an aspiring stage manager who wanted to first learn the basics of acting and directing before she goes any further. 

These were her small band of friends and in one, she found a sort of love that had taken a year to develop. She and Arthur were often together, she would help him in his recording and he would help her in her internalisations before practices. As time passed, they began seeking one another's company out more often without much of a need to explain as to why, they simply were there and even in the silence, they remained there with each other. It was no surprise to either of them when they finally began dating. Though as all relationships go, problems were bound to arise, and this particular relationship was no exception.

Arthur was one who believed in a great many things, he believed in a better tomorrow, he believed in a paradise, he believed in simply loving without much question, while Lita was the opposite. Life still meant nothing to her, an afterlife was a false hope she stopped pretending to believe in and even love must be questioned and explained for her to understand that love needed no explanation. 

However, Arthur was also one to insist that what he believed in was right.

And perhaps, such differences was what caused the two to sever their ties, for no sooner had three months passed than when they agreed to remain friends and to end their relationship. No one really knew this, but the end of their relationship was something that had bothered her.

As the years came and went, she found herself becoming close with her former boyfriend again. And just as well for when she reached senior year, their final project was to produce, direct and be in a stage musical of their choice. Complete with costumes, ensemble, choreography, props, lighting and every little headache that the life in theatre has to offer. Her first choice of team was her friends who immediately jumped in, the musical of their choice becoming Hamilton (credits all go to the amazing Lin Manuel Miranda btw) and their venue of choice was an auditorium in San Fransokyo, Arthur being the one who had chosen the venue had explained that they had to choose a different area than just their current location in order to gain better publicity. With permission from their parents and their savings stored properly, they set off to  San Fransokyo where they rented out an apartment and began their plans. 

It took the small team of four many weeks to get auditions ready and several more to finally finish their final casting call, the moment they were done with casting, they got to work on their costumes, props and of course, table readings, script scorings and rehearsals, this was a cause for sleepless nights and coffee highs (though coffee is an unwise course of action made in pure desperation to stay awake*) then there were the publicity stunts. The gimmicks so to speak.

It was in such a gimmick that Arthur introduced them to Cass Hamada, owner to the Lucky Cat Café, who had agreed to allow a few members of the cast to perform a flash mob inside it. The moment they finished performing "Satisfied" (once again, a personal note from this maker, kudos to Lin Manuel Miranda for such amazing songs.) she was rather alarmed at the applause that she and her fellow cast members had received. 

The one to approach her when she and her team was leaving was a blonde woman, nearly the same age as her, though taller, they were congratulated for their performance and they were asked when their performance was to take place. After giving out the information, she learned that she was called Honey Lemon by her friends. A nickname she thought was rather suitable due to her voice's soothing qualities like the tea.

The gimmicks did not end there, it continued for two more weeks before their show night, at different locations, and it was at the park that she bumped into another person who introduced himself to her as Afolorunse (who she later on learned was called Wasabi by his friends.), this happened while they were performing "Schuyler Sisters". Though she did not get to speak with him due to the fact that they were being hard pressed for time.

Their performance was well received when their show night came, the tickets were sold out and it was a full house. Safe to say, they celebrated their success by sleeping in the next day.

Their performance however was not finished in that night, they have six more months to finish such a performance.*

It was during one of their breaks that she was once again at the Lucky Cat Café where she bumped into the same man she met at the park, and apparently the meeting-by-coffee-spilling-on-shirt method was still in use for such a meeting to take place. After apologising profusely and buying him another cup of coffee, she meant to leave only to be ushered to a table that seemed to be where his friends sat, among them was apparently, Honey Lemon who immediately welcomed her.

Their time in San Fransokyo was mostly consumed by rehearsals, but when the cast and crew was not busy, they often found themselves meeting with some fans or new friends. The constant being Wasabi, Honey Lemon and their friends (whom she later learned were Fred, Gogo Tomago, Hiro Hamada, and Tadashi Hamada) and they often spent some time answering as many questions as they can.

As time wore on, the visits from Honey Lemon and/or her friends to Lita's group's apartment turned into a routine and she once again found herself developing feelings for someone. Not wanting to dance around Honey Lemon, hoping for the blonde young woman to take notice, she immediately asked her out, to which Honey Lemon agreed to.

Both Lita and Honey Lemon were happy to just get to know each other, discussing their studies while having tea or coffee at a café, how Honey Lemon was finishing her thesis, or how much of a headache it was in trying to find missing scripts for Marielle, they got to know each other and found that they got along well and Marielle was happy with her lover. Despite the fact that their personalities were in some way contrasting, they somehow found a way to work their problems out together.

Though her bliss was short lived when Arthur sat her down and told her to analyse herself and ask herself if she was even going to make her partner happy with her personality or if the relationship was doomed to fail because of her lack of beliefs. Realising what he meant, she began worrying about her becoming too much for Honey Lemon to handle. And when they were only a month in, she broke up with her with only an explanation of "You deserve so much better." And despite her poor explanation, Honey Lemon seemed to understand, though both sides were distraught over the break up. Even when Lita kept repeating to herself that it was for the best.

She did not seek anyone's comfort, nor did she want to, instead she immersed herself in rehearsals, dedicated most of her time to practice or directing and helping with fixing any broken props or costumes, and that helped numb the pain. It was during a break that she once again crossed paths with Wasabi, and to her relief he was not upset with her for breaking up with Honey Lemon, instead, he offered comfort when she didn't ask for it, he simply listened to her speak and explain and when he asked if she wanted another try to be with Honey Lemon, she found that she did not want to. Not for lack of love, no she loved her greatly, it was more from the fact that she was sure that Honey Lemon truly did deserve someone better, someone who will not repel her positivity with extreme negativity. And that someone was not her.

The talk was all she needed to heal, it was a slow process, but she was healing, and even then rehearsals continued, so did their show. And she noticed that even after their breakup, Honey Lemon still went every now and again to watch them, as well as her friends. The fact that someone she hurt would go see their show was both touching and painful. After the show, she invited their new friends to join them in celebrations. Though it was also from the need to have closure with Honey Lemon that she invited them. The moment they were alone in a corner of the apartment, she finally talked with her ex-girlfriend who had reassured her that she was not angry with her, hurt yes, but not angry. After explaining everything and asking for forgiveness, and after receiving it and being told that she was not so negative to her than Lita had thought she was, Lita found a heavy weight being lifted off her shoulders.

She found that things seemed to be easier if she said the right words. 

Certain that she was healing properly, she immersed herself in her work with a different purpose other than masking the pain. And when she was not hard pressed for time, she often found herself in the Lucky Cat Café chatting with Wasabi over a cup of coffee as they discussed different things with one another such as their interests or hobbies, or even their problems. She thanked him for listening and he had assured her that no thanks was needed, and soon, she found herself getting drawn to him when she was in need of company.

And into her fifth month of their stay in the city, she found herself wanting to tell him of her feelings. Though she remembered Arthur's words and that had stayed her tongue. Instead, she contented herself to simply speak with him and she congratulated him when he had told her he landed a job at Krei Tech*. She was invited to celebrate with him, thinking it was only meant as a friendly invitation, she agreed. When they had gone out together, she discovered he meant to ask if it was possible they try going out together, and she had accepted, adding in that she cannot guarantee that their relationship will not fail. Though apparently, trying was enough. And so, they got together, not much changed between them, they just became a bit more openly affectionate and a bit more willing to impart secrets to one another.

That was how she found out about Wasabi's severe OCD and Anxiety* and that was how Wasabi found out about her Depression, though he had his suspicions already, but he did not voice it. Though it wasn't until he slept over at their apartment that he found out about her fear of the dark when he noticed she still had a nightlight in her room. Instead of expressing amusement, he simply promised to keep her safe. Though she had reassured him that her fear was not so severe, he noticed that she was trembling in fear, she ended up being held by him until she calmed down.

Though they weren't always in good terms, sometimes they would get into arguments, among them was Lita's workaholic tendencies as well as her self-deprecation, while Lita expressed worry in Wasabi's nightly heroics when she pointed out the danger to his actions, sometimes their arguments would lead to them refusing to speak with one another, but they would apologise later on and do their best to understand why the other does what they do. Even if their worries would not completely go away.

By the time their performance period ended, before they left she had agreed to keep a long distance relationship with Wasabi. In their return to their school, she had graduated as summa cum laude and had proceeded to audition in CHICAGO the musical as a member of the ensemble before she worked her way up, all the while maintaining contact with her friends and Wasabi, as well as her family.

*Drinking coffee dehydrates and does not help the vocal chords. At all. Seriously, if you have any mercy on your voice, just settle for tea or something like lukewarm lemon/honey water. Tea is the most advisable tho. Especially honey lemon tea, that thing saved my life during a theatre event where I had to perform and I was suffering a nasty cold. Although the taste was just not my thing. Peppermint tea is good too. Or get lozenges. You know, this is becoming a help guide more than OC notes. I'll stop now.
*It often depends on the reception of a show on how long they will stay, though there is often a set date for when they leave. The team's set date is for them to show for six months and then they end. 
*While Krei is not exactly someone to be fond of, one must say that working in an industry such as his or Stark Industries is a privilege and honour to be in. Just something I thought to put my two cents in. 
*Not saying I'm an expert in mental disorders, but he exhibited some signs of severe OCD which my older sister's girlfriend has and some signs of paranoia or anxiety which I suffer. 

  • This is where you'll find her form of emotional abuse from her parents. Ignorance and some bits of rejection.
  • Another site where you could figure out what Lita goes through.
  • The reason why she took Theatre is because it was a good memory from her childhood and she remembered how good it was to see a story being played out.
  • She is fluent in English and Tagalog, though her Spanish is only beginner level where she could only greet people and introduce herself. Chinese is all so foreign to her. 
  • During their performance period, they had an issue with one of the cast members, an understudy of their Eliza (Evelyn) who acted too much of a prima donna and caused several other cast members to feel ill at ease during rehearsals. Said understudy would comment on Evelyn's singing, sing Eliza's lines out loud and go so far as to openly discriminate the actress. This prompted Marielle to cut her from the cast and to stand as Evelyn's understudy should anything happen. This of course, meant that her own understudy would play Angelica Schuyler.
  • She suffers severe bouts of depression which she tries to push down and pretend nothing is wrong with her.
  • Unbeknownst to her, Arthur has a tendency to be emotionally abusive towards her.
  • She is not close with Fred like her friends nor does she have a tolerance for him. She merely is coldly civil with him. 
  • She is often a snuggler while she sleeps.
  • Despite being skilled in singing, she is horrible in any attempts at playing instruments and beat boxing is something she never bothered to master.
  • She has a sweet tooth, but her fast metabolism prevents her gaining weight.
  • Her eyesight is atrocious.
  • In her free time she watches romcoms and crime dramas like Law and Order or Rizolli and Isles.
  • She later cuts her hair short for her role in CHICAGO.
  • Her favourite colour is actually dark blue, not purple, she just has a lot of purple in her style because she thinks it looks good on her.
  • She dyed her hair when she was in first year college.
  • Her choker was a gift her older sister gave her for her debutante ball.

  • In this story, Tadashi lives through the fire, though he suffered severe burns and had to have facial reconstruction, luckily San Fransokyo had the technology to reconstruct his face and body to what it once was, but he's now bald. He suffers terrible nightmares about the night of the fire and had to have therapy to be able to move again. As of the time in the story, he was wheelchair bound.
  • In New Yorkati, the weather's like that of the Philippines, it's mostly warm (or hot as hell) and when it's not, it would be raining (or you know...storming) That's why when they arrived at San Fransokyo they were immediately chilled. (Taken from the fact that the BH6 crew are wearing long sleeved clothes I'm gonna throw a guess here and say that that place must be pretty cold most of the time, and believe me, our definition of cold is very different here, what's cold to westerners might be very chilling to Filipinos) The best part is Marielle's team forgot their sweaters and jackets when they left.

  • She was originally meant to be in the school for robotics with a high IQ but there's enough genius OCs.
  • Then she was meant to be a multimedia arts student, but I found that unable to do much due to my lack of knowledge in the field.
  • She was originally meant to be French with blonde hair and blue eyes. 
  • Her voice was originally meant to be a soprano but I changed it to something close to an alto.
  • She was originally meant to have tattoos until I finished her story with her being in Theatre, and believe me hiding stuff with concealer should be easy unless you have my skin tone which is also hers, it's pretty hard to do so. Also, tattoos take quite a long time to properly hide.
  • She originally was meant to have anaemia but I scrapped that idea since a physically ill as well as mentally ill character sounds too much. Granted though, I am one, but I think she can't cope with such.
  • She was meant to be a member of the Bh6 team but I scrapped that because I don't think life in Theatre would warrant much freedom.
  • She was meant to be naturally gifted in theatrical stuff from singing to dancing, but I think one can't be good at everything and I think it would be better to see someone get better at something they originally suck at.
  • She and Arthur were meant to be in an openly abusive relationship contrary to one where neither knows of such a relationship. 
  • Tadashi was a first idea for a love interest, but I scrapped that idea and let my story go along to how it would and ended up with Wasabi.
  • She was originally meant to have some voice problems, again, idea is scrapped because of too much drama fuel.
  • She was meant to move to San Fransokyo as a child but instead I had her stay in New Yorkati and move to San Fransokyo as her home when she had an acting career.
  • She was meant to be friends with all the Bh6 team members, but the idea of her all serious persona being close with Fred is a bit strange so I thought of having her be a bit more... Civil with him than close.
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Toony-Tornado Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016
I just can't get over how beautiful this character is, everything about her looks so wonderful!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like her! :heart::hug:
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Wow, it's been a long time since I don't encounter myself with a REALLY lengthy character. I *love* her! :love: I can really tell you did take some really long time working hard on her! Ahh, seriously, I really love characters with a really developed background story and personality ;_; And with both good qualities and flaws as well! My words cannot describe how amazing Marielle is :heart:

I love especially the fact that she's shipped with Wasabi~ That guy needs more love in this fandom. I love how he gets involved in her story as well. You matched all the pieces to perfection!

Anyways, overall, she's a really lovely character :heart: You did a very good job! :^D
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe it's a curse of mine to be awfully lengthy with my characters. >w< I'm glad you read through her bio! XD You guessed right Xii, it took forever but I'd like to think it was all worth it in the end. :) I like making a balance with their pros and cons and I usually give them this irredeemable trait that may or may not be dormant and it normally would depend on the circumstances the character finds themselves in. 

Wasabi needs more love, and hey, I like seeing what I could do. ;) Eventually, I had to figure out a good way for them to get involved without any issues. I'm glad you like how Lita turned out! :heart::hug:
blujais Featured By Owner May 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she's very interesting, extremely detailed! i love that in a character; its always a joy when they're very thought out, and not overdone. :heart: i love poc oc's, as well. they fit so easily into the fandom, it's great to see them. especially a filipino and chinese character, i don't reckon i've seen many of either of those races! as a mentally ill person, i love seeing mentally ill characters as well! especially done realistically.

  i adore not only her adorable style and fabulous hair, but the fact that she also dated honey lemon! clearly, i have a preference for honey being into girls, with my own oc and all. :'3 i don't know, it's just nice to see.

long story short, i really love her. don't see many wasabixoc ships, he doesn't get enough love! i would absolutely love to see more of her. :heart:
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner May 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, I'm glad you think she's a good OC. :3 To be fair, Marielle is only a smidge bit of Chinese, mostly because unless you're one of the indigenous people here in the Philippines, it's bound to happen that you'll have mixed blood no matter how small the portion. I have a bit of Spanish on both parents' side that's for sure. It's not that evident but I did some research on my family tree for a class project. 

I end up having at least one mentally ill character in every fandom, some that suffers depression, others who suffer anxiety or paranoia, sometimes I try social anxiety or OCD if I think I'll be able to represent them properly.

I got a feeling that Honey Lemon would be fine with dating girls, and with their stories twining together I ended up writing them into a former couple.

Thank you! I'm glad you like her! :hug: Wasabi doesn't get much love, but at least there's a new addition to the team. x3 I'm planning to draw more of her and her team as well as some doodles of others who might be part of her 'verse. :3
blujais Featured By Owner May 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh that's great!! :heart: i am looking forward to it. >u< !!!
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BBG4ya Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
First off, it's always nice to see another POC oc in the fandom. She looks downright amazing. I dig everything about her. From her fabulous hair to her super cute outfit. 
So much detail put into this character. I'm just so amazed and I enjoyed reading alot about her. I feel like I've known her for like years.
Your oc is so great I can't wait to see more of her. When I saw her pop up in the group messages I just HAD TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HER. :heart::la:
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D I think POC characters are the only thing I'm able to spew out all the time. XD 
I'm still working out the kinks with the city tho, cause Makati has a whole lot of buildings, so it might have the design of New York but the customs and cultures of the well as the unforgiving weather. :P
I'm glad to know she's a good character, I could only hope the others are well-designed also.
Once again, thank you so much for liking Marielle! :hug:
Toony-Tornado Featured By Owner May 24, 2016
Ooo, she's such a beautiful lady sweetie! great job on her design:D:D:D
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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UnderworldLegends Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
....... My Gosh, Bunso, I'm... I'm totally speechless... So much work into the story of that character... Whow, I've read it from the beginning to the ending, and I was in such passion... IT IS GREAT, she truly has a great backstory, which makes her more lovable !!!
......... Even if I have to admot her story remembers me a lot someone I know... Someone I cherish a lot........

Anyway, first of all, LOVE HER DESIGN, especially her hair (I wish I had the same kind :heart: ) and her outfit, she is gorgeous !

And her backstory... Whow...... I just feel so bad for everything she had to endure, even if she was not 100% unhappy...... Hurting herself, g... gosh...
But it's good to see she had met good persons who made her life a little brighter ^^ Even from her past boyfriend and girlfriend, it's good to see she still keeps contact (But wait... Does this Arthur... manipulate her in fact...?).
And you were perfectly not to make her a genius, a member of the BH6 or friend with Fred, there are already too many characters like this...

Great job Bunso :clap:
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, Ate :hug: I'm glad to know you like her. :) I did use some of my experiences on her while some were from the common happenings here. Granted, while not a pretty start, it's got a good ending.

Her hair is my favourite part also! XD (I'm sure if you do dye your hair, it'll look amazing on you! :D) Floral print shirts are quite suitable for her, huh? ;)

She stops cutting herself when she reached college because of her friends, her story got better a bit there. I think keeping in contact with people you care about is good, even if it's mildly uncomfortable for past relationships to be together, I'm sure they'll get to talking eventually. Especially if they were good friends before. (No, he doesn't even realise he was emotionally abusing her until one of their friends pointed it out.)

Heh, I take it the ship appeals to you? ;) XD

That and I really think that not everyone could be capable of the same thing, and the BH6 team (minus Fred) are composed of aspiring inventors so that's more on their field. :3

Thanks again, Ate! :hug:
UnderworldLegends Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
I ADORE HER :love: :love: :love:
... Yes, I could see the common points between you and her...

With pixie cut hair ? Nah, I don't think so ^^; ...
OH YES, it is !!!

Well, at least, she stopped that horrible habit, good to know... It's not a way to live, poor dear...
(Geeeee... I hope he felt a little bad after knowing that...)

OH YES :heart:

Like you say ;)

You're welcome Bunso :glomp:
SleepyWiredStudios Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Student General Artist
i like her and its nice to see another Oc with Wasabi
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Thank you! I'm glad you like her, and it's really awesome to meet you! :D
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Smokelesseyes Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha wow, I can tell you put a LOT of thought into this character; kudos!! 

I think this is the first character I've come across where the OC dated more than one of the BH6 crew, so that's new! She seems very well thought out and I love her design ^v^ I hope to see more of her :)
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! It took me awhile to finish her profile cause I wanted her to have an okay story. I'm glad she came out good! I'm working on her team before I line and colour some sketches of her. :)
Smokelesseyes Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem!! And I completely understand; I didn't put anything up on my OC for at least  five months after because I wanted to make sure that I had a stable foundation for her ^^

Very cool! I can't wait to see them and more of her :)
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same, I actually was developing her for nearly a year I think? I kept on trying to make her sound human in her story,N someone with good traits and irredeemable flaws as well as redeemable ones, if anything I had a lot of fun developing her. :D

Good thing all I've got left is Sofia! Though it might take me a while before I post any of them cause I'm fixing their data also. XD 
Smokelesseyes Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, she definitely has realism here. I think you did an excellent job on making her seem like an actual person :)

Oh nice!! Ah I see. Well, whether it comes out now or later, I'll still be excited to see it ^^
C-RIE-ativity Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad that she sounds like a real person, good thing since that's my goal. X3

Glad to know you look forward to meeting them! :D
Smokelesseyes Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well congrats, looks like you reached it ^^

Oh I do!! :)
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